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Advanced Nutrition Counselling

First of its kind course that teaches both Nutrition, as well as Nutrition Supplement Selling skills. Transform from a Seller to a Counsellor. Certification from National Skills Development Corporation and ITM Group of Institutes

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Earn Wealth and Spread Health by learning about Nutrition and How to Sell Nutrition Supplements.


Become a Counselor from a Seller. More than 40,000 learners across various ages have benefitted


Why Nutrition Supplements

Human Nutrition Requirements

Nutrition Requirements of  Body Parts

Nutrition requirements in various age categories
and diseases

About Selling

How to Sell in a proper manner

Attitude, Skills,
Knowledge and Discipline

Objection Handling

Multiple Roleplays with Real Life situations

Course Delivery

Mobile App and Web. Weekly Zoom Tutorials. Classroom sessions in select cities and for high performers

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And also a joint Certificate from the National Skills Development Corporation and ITM Group of Institutions. Show the certificates and earn respect from your customers